Cross-border bank credit and global financial stability

Quarterly Bulletin 2013 Q2
Published on 13 June 2013

By Bob Hills and Glenn Hoggarth of the Bank’s International Finance Division.

This article looks in detail at one aspect of global liquidity:  cross-border credit provided by banks.  Cross-border banking can potentially have considerable benefits, especially by diversifying the available sources of lending and borrowing, and by increasing banking competition.  But such flows can also amplify risks in times of stress.  As this article sets out, cross-border bank lending contributed to the build-up in vulnerabilities before the recent crisis, and exacerbated the bust once the crisis hit.  The article then considers possible policy responses, arguing in particular that policymakers need to ensure that they can properly monitor these flows, from the point of view of recipient countries and the global system as a whole.

PDF Cross-border bank credit and global financial stability

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