Mapping the UK financial system

Quarterly Bulletin 2015 Q2 article
Published on 18 June 2015

By Oliver Burrows and Katie Low of the Bank’s Macro-financial Risks Division and Fergus Cumming of the Bank’s Monetary Assessment and Strategy Division.

The United Kingdom’s financial system is large and has grown rapidly in recent decades. Understanding its structure is an important starting point for a wide range of policy questions. One way into this is through the balance sheets of financial firms. This article paints a picture of the financial system by exploring those balance sheets, first using data currently available and then looking ahead to new avenues of research that should further improve our understanding.

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What are the many types of financial institution and how does they all fit together? This map shows banks, insurers, pension funds, hedge funds and many more – with each sector scaled by the size of its balance sheet.

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