Record of Financial Policy Committee meeting on the leverage ratio review, held on 15 October 2014

Our Financial Policy Committee (FPC) meets quarterly and sets policy to meet our financial stability objective.
Published on 31 October 2014

Record of the Financial Policy Committee meeting 

At its meeting on 15 October, the Financial Policy Committee (FPC) agreed the following recommendation:

The FPC recommends that HM Treasury exercise its statutory power to enable the FPC to direct, if necessary to protect and enhance financial stability, the PRA to set leverage ratio requirements and buffers for PRA-regulated banks, building societies and investment firms, including:

a)    a minimum leverage ratio requirement;

b)    a supplementary leverage ratio buffer that will apply to G-SIBs and other major domestic UK banks and building societies, including ring-fenced banks; and

c)    a countercyclical leverage ratio buffer.

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FPC Leverage Ratio Review

In November 2013, the Chancellor requested that the Financial Policy Committee (FPC) undertake a review of the role of a leverage ratio in the UK’s capital framework for banks. Having issued a consultation paper on 11 July 2014, the FPC published its final review on 31 October 2014 setting out its proposals for the design of the leverage ratio framework, including its views on the calibration of that framework. This review complements the FPC’s medium-term priorities on the capital framework and on ending ‘too big to fail’ (TBTF). 

The Financial Policy Committee's review of the leverage ratioPDF

Exchange of letters between the Governor and the Chancellor


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