The Future of Post-Trade: Findings from the Post-Trade Technology Market Practitioner Panel

This report sets out the findings from the Post-Trade Technology Market Practitioner Panel.
Published on 02 June 2020


Fixed Income, Currency and Commodity (FICC) markets serve the real economy by helping to determine the borrowing costs of households, companies and governments, set countries’ exchange rates, influence the cost of food and raw materials and enable businesses to manage financial risks.

To support this vital contribution, it is important that markets function fairly and effectively — and to that end they must be supported by resilient and cost efficient trading processes.

This report by the Market Practitioner Panel focuses on one part of those trading processes — ‘post-trade’ — where Panel members see significant scope for improvements in efficiency and resilience. It sets out the Panel’s analysis of the underlying issues, highlights some specific action areas, and sets out plans for further work aimed at catalysing reform in post trade.