Digital Regulatory Reporting Pilot Phase 2

The FCA, the Bank of England and six regulated firms have jointly published a viability assessment report that outlines phase 2 of this pilot.
Published on 07 January 2020

The report looks at the technological and economic factors that may lead to more automation in regulatory reporting.

We will continue to work together with the FCA to:

  • explore joint work on common data standards
  • commission a joint review of the legal implications of writing reporting instructions as code 
  • commission a joint independent review of some of technical solutions explored as part of the Digital Regulatory Reporting (DRR) pilot
  • collaborate closely while engaging with industry and planning future phases.

Digital Regulatory Reporting Phase 2

This engagement concluded upon completion of this proof of concept. We will continue to work with businesses on fintech proofs-of-concepts whenever this may help us fulfil our mission.