Alex Haberis

Senior Economist - Strategy Team, Monetary Assessment and Strategy Division


Alex is currently Senior Manager of the Research and Structural Policy Team in the Bank’s International Directorate. Previously, since joining the Bank in 2006, he has worked in a variety of roles in the Monetary Analysis area. His research interests include monetary policy at the zero lower bound, DSGE modelling, and open economy macro. Alex holds an MPhil in Economics from Cambridge University and a BSc (Hons) in Economics from the University of Warwick.

Alex's selected academic publications

A Welfare‐Based Analysis of International Monetary Policy Spillovers at the Zero Lower Bound, with A. Lipińska, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking (2019)
Uncertain policy promises, with R. Harrison and M. Waldron, European Economic Review (2019)
Deflation Probability and the Scope for Monetary Loosening in the United Kingdom, with R. Masolo and K. Reinold, International Journal of Central Banking (2018)
A procedure for combining zero and sign restrictions in a VAR-identification scheme, with Andrej Sokol, Centre for Macroeconomics (2014)