Benjamin Guin

Economist - Banking Policy Division​


Benjamin joined the Bank in August 2016 as an economist in the Banking Policy Division (Prudential Policy Directorate and PRA). 

His research focuses on topics in bank risk management (bank credit, liquidity and interest rate risk) and household finance (household financial inclusion, mortgage and saving decisions). Benjamin has lead on some of the Bank’s work on credit risk regulation and represented the Bank at the EBA.

Benjamin's Bank Underground blog posts

Who withdraws money from distressed banks? - August 2017 


Benjamin's selected academic publications

Culture and Household Saving, ECB Working Paper Series No. 2069 (2017)
Microfinance Banks and Financial Inclusion - with M Brown and K Kirschenmann, Review of Finance (2016).  
The Exposure of Mortgage Borrowers to Interest Rate Risk and House Price Risk – Evidence from Swiss Loan Application Data - with M Brown, Swiss Journal of Economics & Statistics (2015).


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