Giovanni Covi

Research Economist - Stress Test Strategy Division


Giovanni Covi is a Research Economist in our Financial Stability Directorate, Stress Test Strategy Division and has held this position since September 2019.

His expertise covers research and policy work on systemic risk, banking regulations, business cycle fluctuations by means of contagion and network analysis using microstructural models applied to granular exposure-level datasets, SVAR, and panel econometric techniques.

Before joining the Bank of England, he worked as a financial stability expert at the European Central Bank, Stress Test Modelling Division (2017- 2019) and a post-doctoral researcher at University of Sussex (2016-17).

Giovanni received his doctorate in economics and finance from University of Verona. He has a 5-year degree in economics and a post-graduate degree in quantitative finance from University of Venice. In addition, he has obtained a post-graduate degree in economic policy research from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. 

Dr. Covi's main areas of interests include systemic risk, financial intermediation, comparative financial systems, financial crises, banking regulation, and stress testing.

Giovanni's selected academic publications

CoMap: Mapping Contagion in the Euro Area Banking Sector - with C. Kok and M.Z. Gorpe, Journal of Financial Stability (2021)
Trade imbalances within the Euro Area: two regions, two demand regimes - Empirica (2021)
Economic shocks and contagion in the euro area banking sector: a new micro-structural approach - with M. Montagna and G. Torri, ECB Financial Stability Review (2019)
Macroprudential Stress Test of the Euro Area Banking System - with K. Budnik et al, ECB Occasional Paper Series (2019) 
End of the Sovereign-bank Doom Loop in the European Union? The Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive - with Ulrich Eydam, Journal of Evolutionary Economics (2018)
Euro Area Growth Differentials: Diverging and Reinforcing Factors in a Kaleckian SVAR Approach - Empirica (2018)
Using Large Exposures Data to Gauge the Systemic Importance of SSM Significant Institutions - with C. Kok and B. Meller, ECB Macroprudential Bulletin, Issue 5 (2018)
The Emerging Regulatory Landscape - Journal of Banking Regulation (2016)
Puzzling out the First Oil Shock. History, Politics and the Macroeconomy in a Forty-Year Retrospective - History of Economic Thought and Policy (2015)
Local Systems’ Strategies Coping with Globalization: Collective Local Entrepreneurship - Journal of the Knowledge Economy (2014)
Dutch disease and sustainability of the Russian political economy - Economic and Policy of Energy and the Environment (2014)

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