Jonathan Bridges

Senior Manager - Macroprudential Framework Team; Macroprudential Strategy and Support Division


Jonathan is a Senior Economist at the Bank, currently working in the Financial Stability department. His focus is on developing the FPC’s Macroprudential framework and strategy.  Previously, Jonathan spent six years working on monetary policy.  First, in the analysis of credit conditions and unconventional policy following the financial crisis.  Second, in constructing and presenting the MPC’s UK economic forecast. 
Jonathan’s research interests reflect these roles and are policy focussed.  He is particularly interested in the transmission of both monetary and financial policy tools and in the identification of macro-financial risks.
Prior to joining the Bank of England in 2008, Jonathan obtained his Undergraduate and MPhil degrees in Economics at the University of Cambridge.

Jonathan's Bank Underground blog posts

Modelling the Macroprudential Balancing Act - July 2017
Making Macroprudential Hay When the Sun Shines - December 2016 

Jonathan's selected academic publications

Would macroprudential regulation have prevented the last crisis? - with David Aikman, Anil Kashyap and Caspar Siegert, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Winter 2019 Edition
The analysis of money and credit during the financial crisis - the approach at the Bank of England - with J Bridges, J Cloyne, R Thomas and A Tuckett, Monetary Analysis at Central Banks (2016)

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