Julia Giese

Manager - Macroprudential Strategy and Support Division


​Julia obtained a DPhil in time series econometrics from the University of Oxford in 2008 under the supervision of David Hendry and Bent Nielsen, being affiliated to Nuffield College. Prior to joining the Bank, Julia did several internships in financial journalism, including the Financial Times and the Financial Times Deutschland, and worked for the Global Chief Economist at Lehman Brothers in 2005/06. Julia joined the Bank in 2008 and worked on international issues before moving to the financial stability side. Since 2010, she has been developing the macroprudential framework for the Financial Stability Committee at the Bank and externally in different international groups. Her research interests are on the link between macroeconomics and finance, early warning indicators and measures of excessive credit, the design and transmission of macroprudential policies and the interaction of monetary and macroprudential policies. 

Julia's Bank Underground Blog posts

Macroprudential policy beyond banking - March 2017  
Bitesize: Tantrums, massacres and bond market reversals - February 2017

Julia's selected academic publications

The credit-to-GDP gap and complementary indicators for macroprudential policy: evidence from the UK, International Journal of Finance and Economics (2014)
Level, Slope, Curvature: Characterising the Yield Curve in a Cointegrated VAR Model, Economics-ejournal (2008-13) 

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