Kate Reinold

Senior Manager - Monetary Policy and Outlook Division​


Kate Reinold is currently Senior Manager of the Monetary Strategy team, which provides optimal monetary policy analysis and briefing on a range of strategy topics to the Monetary Policy Committee. After joining the Bank in 2009, she worked on housing and the household sector, before spending four years developing the Bank’s dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) forecasting model and the associated Matlab infrastructure (used for estimation, model analysis and forecasting). Kate’s research interests include DSGE modelling, forecasting and the household sector.

Kate's selected academic publications

The consumption response to positive and negative income shocks - with P. Bunn, J. Le Roux and P. Surico, Journal of Monetary Economics (2018)

Deflation Probability and the Scope for Monetary Loosening in the United Kingdom - with A. Haberis and R. Masolo, International Journal of Central Banking (2018)