Kristina Bluwstein

Research Economist - Macroprudential Strategy and Support Division


Kristina has been working as a Research Economist in the Macroprudential Strategy and Support Division since 2017. She completed her PhD in Economics at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy). During her PhD, she was an intern at the European Central Bank and the Sveriges Riksbank. Her main research interests focus on applied macroeconometrics, with a strong interest in macro-financial linkages, and monetary and macroprudential policy.

Kristina's selected academic publications

Multiperiod Loans, Occasionally Binding Constraints, and Monetary Policy: A Quantitative Evaluation, with Michal Brzoza-Brzezina, Paolo Gelain and Marcin Kolasa, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking (2020)
Beggar-Thy-Neighbor? The International Effects of ECB Unconventional Monetary Policy Measures, with Fabio Canova, International Journal of Central Banking (2016)

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