Robert Hills

Senior Manager – Monetary and Financial Conditions


Bob Hills is senior manager of the Interest Rate and Asset Pricing Team in the Bank of England’s Monetary and Financial Conditions Division (since 2018).  He previously managed the European Economics Team (2014-18) and the Capital Flows and Emerging Markets Team (2010-14). Between 2008 and 2010, he was seconded to the IMF, as adviser to the UK Executive Director. He originally joined the Bank of England in 1997, and has worked in a number of roles in the monetary policy and financial stability areas. He holds a BA from Oxford University and an MSc in Economics from LSE.

Robert's Bank Underground blog posts

Transmitting liquidity shocks across borders: evidence from UK banks - August 2016

Robert's selected academic publications

The international transmission of monetary policy, with C Buch, M Bussière and L Goldberg, Journal of International Money and Finance (2019)
The international transmission of monetary policy through financial centres: Evidence from the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, with K Ho, D Reinhardt, R Sowerbutts, E Wong and G Wu, Journal of International Money and Finance (2019)
International Banking and Cross-Border Effects of Regulation: Lessons from the United Kingdom, with D Reinhardt, R Sowerbutts and T Wieladek, International Journal of Central Banking (2017)  
International banking and liquidity risk transmission: lessons from the United Kingdom, with J Hooley, Y Korniyenko and T Wieladek, IMF Economic Review (2015)

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