Sebastian de-Ramon

​Technical Specialist - Policy Strategy & Implementation division


Since joining the Bank of England, Sebastian had published academic research on bank competition, the banking industry and bank prudential policy. Sebastian was a key contributor to the analysis of macroeconomic impacts in the EBA reports: “Impact assessment of the LCR” of December 2013 and the “LCR implementation” report of December 2014. Until 2012 he was a Technical Specialist at the UK Financial Services Authority researching on the interaction between the economy and bank regulation. Sebastian contributed to the Basel Committee external reports of the short and long-term impact assessment of the Basel 3 proposals (MAG and LEI report respectively). He was also a key co-author of the FSA occasional paper 42 “Measuring the impact of prudential policy on the economy”. 

In the past he published research papers, book chapters in Chile, the UK and Europe on macroeconomics and economic modelling with application to policy on taxation, new technologies, energy and the environment.

Sebastian's selected academic publications

Bank-specific capital requirements and capital management from 1989-2013: Further evidence from the UK, with William B. Francis and Qun Harris, Journal of Banking and Finance, (2021)
The evolution of competition in the UK deposit-taking sector, 1989–2013, with Michael Straughan, European Journal of Finance, (2020)
Measuring the impact of prudential policy on the macroeconomy: A practical application to Basel III and other responses to the financial crisis, FSA Occasional Papers 42 (2012)
Revenue recycling and labour markets: effects on costs of policies for sustainability, with Terry Barker and Hector Pollitt in V. Bosetti, R. Gerlagh and S. Schleicher (eds), Modelling Transitions to Sustainable Development, Elgar, Cheltenham, UK 2009
Testing the Representative Agent Assumption: the distribution of parameters in a large-scale model of the EU 1972-1998, Applied Economic Letters (2006)
Macroeconomic and structural impacts of IST, International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management (2005)