Credit union quarterly statistics - 2022 Q2

The credit union quarterly statistics are statistics aggregated from the quarterly (CQ) returns submitted by authorised credit unions in the United Kingdom.
Published on 31 October 2022

Key points from the data

  • While the number of adult members of credit unions continues to increase, with a record 1.94mn members in the UK in Q2 2022, the number of juvenile depositors has fallen consistently since Q4 2017 – there were 207,000 juvenile members in 2022 Q2, 16.2% fewer than at the peak in 2017.
  • Total income in the UK surpassed £60mn for the first time in 2022 Q2, reaching £61.35mn, while total expenditure just topped a record £50mn.
  • Loans to members as a percentage of total assets across the UK reached a record 41.8% in 2022 Q2. This figure varies considerably by region, with England providing loans amounting to 56.8% of its total assets in 2022 Q2, but with the equivalent figure in Northern Ireland being just 30.6%.
  • Total capital in Northern Ireland increased by 2.4% from £245.7mn in 2022 Q1 to £251.7mn in 2022 Q2, passing £250mn for the first time. Northern Ireland accounts for almost 50% of the UK total capital and assets.