Further details about Bank of England foreign currency liabilities data

This table contains data on Bank of England foreign currency liabilities. These include deposits placed with the Bank by central banks and other customers as part of their banking relationship with the Bank and securities issued to finance the Bank’s own foreign currency reserves held in support of its monetary policy objectives

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Data are available monthly from August 1999 and quarterly from 1999 Q3. Publication of data will usually occur on the 21st working day of the month in Further breakdowns of reserves (Table D5.2)


The data are held by the Risk Management Division of the Bank of England.


Short-term deposit liabilities refers to deposits with a maturity of up to and including one year.

Money market instruments reflect liabilities on account of the issue of euro denominated Bank of England Bills. The Bank began issuing Euro bills in April 1999. The final auction took place in April 2006 and the last bills matured in October 2006.

Bonds and Notes Liabilities data include medium-term securities issued since 2007 to finance the Bank’s foreign currency reserves.

Medium and long-term deposit liabilities refers to deposits with a maturity of more than one year.

Other liabilities comprise foreign currency forwards and swaps and unsettled trades. They also include liabilities relating to the provision of dollar liquidity to the banking system through participation in coordinated central bank action from September 2008.

Valuation and Breaks

Bank of England foreign currency liabilities are marked-to-market using end-period market prices and exchange rates.

Further information

Please visit the Bank’s own foreign currency reserves for further information.

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