Statistical Notice 2016/04

Statistical Notices update the definitions and guidance contained in the Banking Statistics Yellow Folder.
Published on 29 July 2016

Statistical reporting seminar (replies by 30th September)

We will be running a half day (afternoon) statistical reporting seminar on Tuesday 1st November. The seminar is primarily aimed at staff new to Bank of England reporting as it will provide an overview of how and why we collect the data; as well as what we do with it. The planned running order for the afternoon is:

Core forms

  • Data processing (CRDs, Data Reception, Statistical Notices and OSCA)
  • BT and associated forms PB, GT and BN
  • PL and BG
  • Data checking

Commonly reported forms

  • BE
  • AD, AL and LN
  • CA, CC, CL, C1 and CE

Specialist forms

  • CX, FI, FO, WO, IC, IO, IS, and ER

Overview of Regulatory Data Reporting

The seminar will be held in the Conference Centre here at the Bank. Please email Data Reception on indicating which session(s) you would like to attend. Please also provide details of specific areas that are of interest to you, so that we can make the sessions as focused as possible. Places are free and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The closing date for replies is Friday 30th September. Directions and a timetable for the event will be sent out during the week following the closing date.

Buy-to-let data collection

The Bank of England is introducing a loan-level data collection covering buy-to-let lending. Following consultation, the collection will be implemented in three phases:

  • Phase 1 - delivered in October 2017 for Q3 2017 data: core retail attributes required for the most pressing policy purposes, together with some existing attributes within the FCA’s Product Sales Data. Guidance documents are published on the Bank's website. This includes definitions, the XML schema, technical documentation and a data model. There are four attributes that are optional for phase 1. These are loan regulation, type of dwelling, and date of birth (and an accompanying borrower reference). They are included because they are currently included in existing reporting to the CML and will be optional until phase 2 reporting starts.
  • Phase 2 - delivered in April 2018 for Q1 2018 data: the remaining retail attributes. Details of the data collection relating to phase 2 are intended to be published alongside the PRA’s Policy Statement on underwriting standards.
  • Phase 3 - delivered in October 2018 for Q3 2018 data: data attributes required for buy-to-let lending in the corporate book. Details of the data collection relating to phase 3 will be published after further consultation.

This collection should be completed only by those institutions specifically asked to do so by the Bank of England. Institutions are eligible to report where the banking group carries out gross flows of new buy-to-let lending in excess of £20m and 60 loans annually. Although this threshold is applied at the group level, individual entities that form part of a group are expected to report, except where an entity lends less than £20m and 60 loans per year and contributes less than 2% of the number of new loans within a group.

For further details see related Bankstats Article.

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