Statistical Notice 2018/02

Statistical Notices update the definitions and guidance contained in the Banking Statistics Yellow Folder.
Published on 26 January 2018

1. Forms AD and AL rolling review (effective end-January 2019 reporting)

Following consultations with users represented on the UKF Statistics Advisory Panel and as part of ONS ESA 10 requirements, the updated Forms AD and AL have been finalised and relevant documents are published under “New and upcoming” on the Data collection page.

This includes new forms, box codes, validations, definitions and an updated version of The Classification of Accounts Guide (CAG).

Please be aware that schemas for the forms will be published at a later date.

Below is a summary of the changes with have been made to Forms AD and AL. All changes will come into effect for January 2019 data, to be reported from February 2019.

1. Forms AD and AL: inclusion of an ‘of which holding companies’ requirement (Form AD Pages 4 to 6, Form AL Pages 5 to 7).

2. Forms AD and AL: inclusion of new industries within 15 ‘Financial intermediation’ and 17 ‘Activities related to financial intermediation’.

3. Form AD: deposits by industry to include a breakdown by sight deposits (Page 1 and 4) and time deposits (Page 2 and 5).

4. Form AD: removal of the ‘on behalf breakdown of ‘Fund management activities’ within 17A.

5. Form AL: loans and advances by industry to include a breakdown by ‘up to and including 12 month maturity’ (Page 1 and 5) and ‘over 12 month maturity’ (Page 2 and 6). If you have any questions, please contact Richard Blows on +44 (0) 20 3461 4520 or email

2. Green Notice (nil return)

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