Statistical Notice 2020/02

Statistical Notices update the definitions and guidance contained in the Banking Statistics Yellow Folder
Published on 02 April 2020

1. Guidance for reporting firms on statistical reporting

The Monetary and Financial Statistics the Bank publishes are important indicators on the condition of the economy and financial system, and particularly important to policy makers at the current time.

We understand firms are under a great deal of pressure and appreciate that reporting statistics may present challenges under the current conditions. Given the importance of complete statistics for policy makers, especially in these very difficult circumstances, the Bank is keen to provide whatever assistance it can to ensure that Monetary and Financial Statistics are reported on time. If firms can’t report these statistics according to schedule, or are concerned about the data they can submit, they should contact the Bank at the earliest opportunity via their normal channels to discuss how we might remedy any issues. Should any changes to reporting be unavoidable, please agree those with the Bank in advance, to help us to maintain data consistency and comparability across time insofar as it is possible.

2. Form PL – Removal of validation rule for net transfers of provisions (PL20AG)

The OSCA validation rule requiring that PL20AG (net transfers of provisions) is non-negative (PL20AG>=0) is being removed. This will allow negative amounts to be submitted in this box with effect from 2020 Q1 reporting. This is because we have encountered a number of cases where reporters have felt that the most accurate way to reflect the provisions implications of transferring loan books from their balance sheet involved reporting negative amounts in PL20AG.

Any queries regarding any of the above should be directed to:

3. Green Notice (nil return)

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