Statistical Notice 2022/04

Statistical Notices update the definitions and guidance contained in the Banking Statistics Yellow Folder
Published on 18 February 2022

Statistical Reporting – UAT Window and BEEDS Reporting Update

We can confirm that the next UAT window will take place from Monday 28 February until Friday 18 March.

This will be open to all statistical reporters and software houses, to enable testing of Version 1.2.2 of the Bank of England Statistics taxonomy, following the corrective release. As mentioned in the last Statistical Notice, if you do not wish to participate, please ignore the emails that will be automatically generated from the UAT system and sent from If you do not receive an email informing you that returns have been created for your Firm, by 2 March, please contact

With regard to work on the Excel based solution (alternative reporting method to XBRL), we are pleased to announce that we have made the decision to publish a utility that will enable firms to report their Statistical data within an Excel workbook and convert this into an XBRL file. This XBRL file can then be uploaded via BEEDS. The utility will only be supported for the current version of the taxonomy and will not be maintained for future taxonomy updates. This is to aid statistical reporters with the transition to reporting in XBRL and notice will be given when the XBRL utility will be withdrawn.

Further information on this will be made available in due course.

Please note that the FAQs Log has recently been updated, we advise that you read through this ahead of the UAT window.