UK International Reserves - December 2018

The Bank of England manages the UK’s official reserves on behalf of the Government. We publish data on UK holdings of international reserves and foreign currency liquidity once a month.
Published on 04 January 2019

ExcelInternational Reserves Liquidity data - December 2018

Next release date: 5 February 2019

More information

The UK’s official international reserves are made up of:

  • foreign currencies
  • gold
  • IMF special drawing rights (SDRs)
  • the UK’s reserves tranche position at the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

We use the IMF’s international reserves template to publish this data.

Summary data are also published by HM Treasury in a monthly press release on the third working day of every month.

We have published further background information on UK international reserves statistics and the IMF template.

For further information on how we compile the UK version of the IMF template, email

More instrument and currency detail is available in Bankstats tables, which are published monthly.

View and download more data on the Bank of England database