Andrew Holder

Agent, Central Southern England


Andrew has been Agent for Central Southern England since December 2015, having joined the Agency as Deputy Agent in August 2008.  He joined the Bank in 2001, working in Head Office roles that included writing parts of the Bank's quarterly Inflation Report, working with Chris Allsopp on his review of statistics for economic policymaking, and finally as Research Adviser to Andrew Sentance on the Monetary Policy Committee.
Andrew studied Economics at King's College, Cambridge and the London School of Economics,  He started his career as an economist working in HM Treasury, where at various times he worked on monetary, fiscal and environmental policies.  Andrew lives with his family near Winchester, where he tries to eke out enough spare time to play viola in the Winchester Symphony Orchestra.


Agency for Central Southern England

Bank of England
Forum 3
Solent Business Park
PO15 7FH

Tel: +44 (0)1489 611683
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