The Future of Inflation Targeting

Speakers include our Governor, Mark Carney and John Williams, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Conference date: Thursday 9 January 2020

Location: Bank of England, Threadneedle Street

The Bank hosted an invite-only, off-the-record research workshop. The aim of the workshop was to identify the most important areas of research for the design and operation of monetary policy frameworks.   

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Opening remarks by Mark Carney

A framework for all seasons? - speech by Mark Carney 

The constituency for low inflation

The case for low and stable inflation - Klaus Adam (PDF)

Remarks on the constituency for low inflation - Argia M. Sbordone (PDF)

Monetary policy in a digital world

Monetary policy in a digital world - the challenges of digital currencies - Beatrice Weder di Mauro (PDF)

Monetary policy in the broader macroeconomic framework

The fiscal footprint of central bank actions: immediate and far future - Ricardo Reis (PDF)

The political economy of monetary/fiscal cooperation - Simon Wren-Lewis (PDF)

Challenges of a 'low-for-long' interest rate environment

The optimal inflation target and the natural rate of interest - Andrade, Gali, Le Bihan, Matheron (PDF)

Exiting a liquidity trap and the neo fisher effect - Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe and Martin Uribe (PDF)

Policy frameworks and strategies for an open economy

The future of inflation targeting: policy frameworks and strategies for open economics - Pierre-Oliver Gourinchas (PDF)

Policy Frameworks and the Strategies for an Open Economy slides - Philip R Lane

The future of inflation targeting  

The future of inflation targeting - Sayuri Shirai (PDF)

Inflation Targeting: Securing the Anchor - speech by John C Williams 

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