9th BdF-BoE-BdI International Macroeconomics Workshop

Macroeconomic policy in open economics

About the workshop

Date: 1 December 2023

Banca d’Italia, the Bank of England and Banque de France are jointly organizing the 9th edition of their International Macroeconomics Workshop on 1 December 2023. The keynote address will be given by Sebnem Kalemli Ozcan (University of Maryland). The workshop will take place in London at the Bank of England and will be held in-person.
We invite theoretical and empirical research covering the following topics:

a. International macro dynamics with heterogeneous firms

  • Macroeconomic implications of trade frictions and protectionism
  • Mark-ups and global inflation
  • Market structure and pass-through of shocks to the domestic economy
  • Firm responses to global inflationary shocks and monetary policy responses

b. International spillovers from domestic shocks

  • Financial market dysfunction and international spillovers
  • Monetary policy normalisation and policy trade-offs 
  • The role of NBFIs in the international transmission of shocks
  • Cross-border implications of fiscal policy shocks
  • Global funding markets and liquidity strains
  • Exchange rate fluctuations and macroeconomic adjustment

The deadline for submitting a paper is 15 September 2023.  Please submit full papers via this form. Authors of selected papers will be contacted by 30 September.


  • Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi (BoE)
  • Aydan Dogan (BoE)
  • Julia Schmidt (BdF)
  • Fabrizio Venditti (BdI)

Call for papers


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