List of banks/lending institutions and new banks authorised in 2022

Freedom of Information rules mean that, as a public authority, the Bank of England is obliged to disclose certain types of information, both proactively and on request.

Date: 24 November 2022


‘Most up to date list of
1. all active banking and lending institutions or entities registered in England, Scotland and Wales.
2. Newly authorised UK start up banks in 2022.’

We publish full lists of banks and building societies regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority (‘PRA’), which is a part of the Bank of England (the ‘Bank’), that are updated on a monthly basis.

We also publish a list of new banks (latest list as at the end of February 2022) authorised by the PRA since 2013 which is updated annually.

We have authorised four new UK start up banks from 1 March to 1 November 2022 (the date of your request), so they do not yet appear on the web page above. These are: 

Perenna Bank Plc
StreamBank Plc
Ashman Bank Limited 
Fiinu Bank Limited

Please be aware that there are other lending institutions which are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.