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Thanks for paying us a visit. This page sets out all you need to know about Bank of England Citizens’ Panels: what they are, why they matter, and how you can get involved. Scroll down for more information, where you can see some pictures from previous events and watch a short video featuring a message from our Chief Economist Andy Haldane. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Who we are

We’re a public body but we’re independent from the Government. 

We’re the UK’s central bank. Our job is to promote the good of the people of the United Kingdom by maintaining monetary and financial stability. 

That means managing inflation – the rate at which prices rise – and making sure that the financial system, which includes banks and building societies, functions properly. We also issue banknotes and run the system that allows electronic payments to take place.

Find out more about who we are and what we do.

Why get involved

What we do affects everyone, so we’ve set up citizens’ panels so we can listen directly to you. We want to hear what you have to say about jobs, pay and the cost of living. And we’d like to know about your experiences of the housing market and how easy you find it to borrow and save money. Taking part means you can put your views directly to people who make decisions that affect you. During the current coronavirus outbreak our citizens’ panel members are helping us to understand how people are being affected economically and financially by the crisis.

What to expect

We hold citizens’ panel meetings around the whole of the UK. Our meetings are usually in the evening and last about three hours. There’ll be free food and refreshments and we offer travel expenses of up to £25.

At your local citizens' panel you can:

  • learn more about what the Bank of England does
  • listen to our speakers talk about topical issues
  • tell us what you think – that’s the important bit!
  • meet other people in your area
  • enjoy free food and refreshments

How to apply

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply to attend a meeting in their region. We want our panels to be representative so where events are oversubscribed we’ll select people from a range of backgrounds to attend.  

Apply to take part 

Upcoming events 

Due to the coronavirus outbreak we don’t have any regular panel meetings planned.  However, Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey will host a virtual Citizens' Panel Open Forum on Monday 12 October 2020 between 17.00-18.00. 

Members of the Citizens' Panel community are invited to join the session to hear directly from the Governor and to take part in a live Q&A. The session will focus on price stability and how we manage the economy to meet this objective. 

If you would like to take part please sign up to our Citizens’ Panel community and a registration link will be forwarded.

What people say about being involved

  • “The mixture of people made it even more enjoyable - many thanks for this opportunity” Tracey, Ware
  • “The debate and content were great” David, Leeds
  • “Brilliant discussion” Melissa, Brixton
  • “Really pleased that the speakers were honest and open” Steve, Exeter
  • “Very informative and enjoyable, a great idea” Lee, Leicester
  • [music playing]

    Female voice: Listening is a major part of our lives, when we listen we learn something new.  We learn more about ourselves and others, what people like, don't like, love and hate. You told us we need to listen more, so we dedicated time to meeting people around the UK. 

    For years, we've met with businesses to help us understand local economies better. Now we're also talking to charities, local councils and trade unions. We've launched community forums and learnt about people's achievements and challenges. We've learned through our Future Forum events that economics needs to be accessible to everyone. We even went back to school and learned that students have a lot of questions. We learnt that we need to speak in a way that people can understand.  

    Andy Haldane: These events are the best single way I found, of really understanding the economic and financial issues people face. That's why we're setting up, right across the UK, Citizens Panels to listen directly to you wherever you live.  

    Female voice: It's important we carry on learning, so we're running more events to hear from more people. We want to know what you think about the economy and what can be done to make things better in your community.

  • Information we collect

    By this application form for Citizens’ Panels (“Panels”), the Bank of England (“we” or the “Bank”) collects personal data about you. This information includes contact details, varied demographic information and your opinions about the economy.

    Why we need your personal data

    We collect your personal data to evaluate public understanding of the UK economy and the Bank’s mission.  We also collect a broad range of information to assist us in identifying a varied sample of individuals to be invited to our Citizens’ Panel events.

    This is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority of the Bank.  To the extent to which you provide us with any special categories of personal data, including diversity information, our basis for processing this data is that it is necessary for reasons of substantial public interest.

    What we do with your personal data

    Citizens’ Panel application

    We use the information to develop the Panel events and ensure that attendees are representative of the UK population.  Your opinions may also influence how we conduct the Bank’s mission as relevant to the Bank’s policy, analytical, operational and supervisory work. 

    We use a third party provider, WorldAPP Inc, based in the United States, to provide the KeySurvey online application form.  WorldAPP Inc participates in, and has certified its compliance with, a recognised EU-U.S. privacy framework.  For more information about WorldAPP Inc’s security practices and privacy policy visit

    If you are not selected for the Panel, we will keep your personal data for 3 years. If you are selected for the Panel, we will keep your personal data for 5 years from your last interaction with us.  If at any time, you no longer wish to be involved, you can let us know at

    Panel events

    If selected, you will receive an invitation to participate in the Panel and we will use your personal data to co-ordinate your attendance and for event management.

    You will be required to bring identity documentation with you to any event so that we can ensure that only people who have been granted places as members of the Panel will be able to enter.  We will use this along with the information that you provide to us in your application to verify your identity, and to carry out appropriate security checks as deemed necessary by the Bank.

    Please be aware that audio recordings may be made of conversations which take place during the event in order for us to be able to accurately capture your points of view.

    You can request that we no longer use your personal data, by writing to us at the address below.

    Further engagement

    If selected, we will contact you about Panel events.  We may also contact you about other information or opportunities that may be of interest to you, depending on the options you have selected in the application form. 

    Your rights

    You have a number of rights under data protection laws (for example, you have the right to ask us for a copy of the personal data the Bank holds about you. This is known as a ‘Subject Access Request’). You can ask us to change how we process or deal with your personal data, and you may also have the right in some circumstances to have your personal data amended or deleted. 

    To find out more about those rights, to make a complaint, or to contact our Data Protection Officer, please see our website at

This page was last updated 22 September 2020

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