Future Forum 2018: the highlights

Our online platform Future Forum was open from 2 November 2018 to 28 January 2019. 

Nearly 1000 people shared their views, ideas and concerns about the future of money with us on our online platform, Future Forum. 

Over three months, we received almost 100 different ideas on topics such as closing high street banks and the possibilities of new financial technology. It led to some great debates generating more than 1000 comments. 

We moved our Future Forum conference online for the first time in 2018. This was so more people could join in and tell us what they think our role in society should be.  

We invited the most active commentators to our closing event at the Bank of England on 28 January 2019. They discussed the future of money with our Governors at a public roundtable. You can watch it here

Couldn’t be there in person or have you not had enough of Future Forum? We’ve rounded up the highlights below. 

Fintech: New technologies, old risks?

Listen to Deputy Governor for Financial Stability, Jon Cunliffe, and Tom Mutton, Director of Fintech, discuss the risks and possibilities of fintech.

Listen to podcast

Could you go cashless or only use cash for a week? 

We launched Future Forum with a cash vs cashless challenge. We asked people who mainly use cash to go cashless for a week and those who rely on card to use only cash. 

We also asked our Twitter followers how they pay for things. The results were: 

What forms of payment do you use the most? 

a.  Cash               28.6%
b.  Card               58.3%
c.  Cheque          2.4%
d.  Apple Pay     10.7%

Discover the history of money

If you want to know more about what came before crypto-assets, contactless cards and even cash, explore our timeline of the history of money. 

How has money changed over time?

How often do you use your bank?

We asked people on the street how often they go into their bank or building society.

Tweet asking 'How often do you go into a bank or building society?'

See a visual summary of the popular online Q&A sessions with our Governors

See pictures from the closing event on 28 January 2019

Cashless, contactless, frictionless – what’s next? 

The EMEA managing director of Sutherland Global, Sonia Sedler, guest blogs about the future of money. Read her blog here

“Our relationships with money are rapidly evolving as money changes hands in less tangible ways: cashless has evolved into contactless, transactions are in turn becoming frictionless – so what comes next?”

How has the British High Street changed? 

Discover how your high street is changing in five charts. 

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