Revised approach to publication of Financial Policy Committee Statement and Record and updated publication dates for 2019

The Financial Policy Committee (FPC) is moving to a model of publishing the FPC Statement and Record on the same day from Q1 2019.
Published on 01 March 2019

This is consistent with the Bank’s strategic aim of improving the way we communicate. The combined publication will be called the ‘Financial Policy Summary and Record’

In quarters in which the FPC publish a Financial Stability Report (FSR), the Record of the Committee’s Policy meeting will be published alongside the FSR.  The table below provides an update to the 2019 FPC publication dates to reflect these changes.

FPC Policy Meeting Financial Policy Summary and Record publication Financial Stability Report and Record publication
Tuesday 26 February  Tuesday 5 March  
Friday 5 July   Thursday 11 July
Wednesday 2 October Wednesday 9 October   
Friday 13 December*  

Monday 16 December*

*The December 2019 FPC policy meeting date and Financial Stability Report and Record publication date have changed. See Change of publication date for the Financial Stability Report.

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