Risk Management and Controls

Policies relating to risk management and controls for banks, building societies and investment firms.

UK technical standards


Supervisory Statements and Statements of Policy

  • The Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) and the Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP) (SS31/15)
  • The PRA’s approach to supervising liquidity and funding risks (SS24/15)
  • Enhancing banks’ and insurers’ approaches to managing the financial risks from climate change (SS3/19)
  • Algorithmic trading (SS5/18)
  • Market risk (SS13/13)
  • Underwriting standards for buy-to-let mortgage contracts (SS13/16)
  • Supervising building societies’ treasury and lending activities (SS20/15)
  • Aggregation of holdings for the purpose of prudential assessment of controllers (SS33/15)
  • Asset and liability management: suggestions for greater effectiveness (LSS1/13)
  • Settlement bank exposures to customer banks: management of the risks (LSS12/13)
  • The Bank of England’s approach to stress testing the UK’s banking system (Statement of Policy)

Other relevant material

Guidelines originally issued by European Supervisory Authorities should be read in conjunction with "Interpretation of EU Guidelines and Recommendations: Bank of England and PRA approach after the UK’s withdrawal from the EU" (Statement of Policy)

  • Guidelines on the management of interest rate risk arising from non-trading book activities (EBA/GL/2018/02)
  • Guidelines on information and communications technology (ICT) and security risk management (EBA/GL/2019/04)
  • Guidelines on common procedures and methodology for Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP) (EBA/GL/2014/13)
  • Guidelines on credit institutions’ credit risk management practices and accounting for expected credit losses (EBA/GL/2017/06)
  • Guidelines on ICT Risk Assessment under the Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP) (EBA/GL/2017/05)
  • Guidelines on certain aspects of the MiFID II suitability requirements (ESMA-35-43-1163)
  • Joint Guidelines for the prudential assessment of acquisitions of qualifying holdings (CEBS/2008/214)
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