PRA Administration Instruments

The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) consults on administration instruments. An administration instrument is used to make corrections to Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) Handbook provisions. The corrections are not substantive and are not intended to change PRA policy. The corrections will result in rule amendments.
Published on 01 April 2014

In making these instruments, the PRA aims to ensure that rules are correct, presented clearly and contain up-to-date references. Accurate Handbook provisions allow the PRA to act in a way that advances the safety and soundness of PRA firms, specific to insurers and contribute to policyholder protection. For these reasons, the PRA believes that administration instruments are compatible with the requirement on the PRA to act in a way that advances its objectives (s.138J(2) FSMA).

The PRA consults with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) prior to undertaking consultations on administration instruments (s.138J(1) FSMA) and ensures that proposed corrections are consistent with the regulatory principles (s.2H FSMA). Such minor corrections are unlikely to impact on competition or on mutual societies (s.138K(2) FSMA) or give rise to any equality or diversity issues. Minor proposals are also unlikely to result in costs for firms, who will benefit from a more accurate Handbook (s.138J(2)(a) FSMA).

Final Instruments

PDFPRA 2013/24 Handbook Administration Instrument (No 1) 2013

PDFPRA 2013/25 Handbook Administration Instrument (No 2) 2013

PDFPRA 2014/1 Handbook Administration Instrument (No 3) 2014

PDF PRA 2014/4 Handbook Administration Instrument (No 1) 2014

PDFPRA 2014/7 Handbook Administration Instrument (No 2) 2014

PDF PRA 2015/33 Handbook Administration Instrument (No1) 2015 


PDFPRA 2014/8 PRA Rulebook: Administration Instrument (No 1) 2014

PDF PRA 2015/32 PRA Rulebook: Administration Instrument (No 1) 2015 

Consultations closed on 24 March 2015.

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