Analysis of financial statistics

Quarterly Bulletin 1969 Q1
Published on 01 March 1969

The first part of this analysis describes the transactions of the various sectors in the third quarter of 1968; it is followed by some preliminary comments on the fourth quarter. The discussion is based on seasonally adjusted figures; but, as emphasised on page 361 of the December 1968 Bulletin, the figures must be regarded with caution until more is known about the reliability of the seasonal adjustments used. As usual, the unadjusted quarterly figures are shown in detail in Table M at the end; the table is accompanied by notes on sources and definitions.

A discussion of changes in sterling bank deposits and in the banking sector's sterling lending in the fourth quarter begins on page 29; this is based on unadjusted figures, which are set out in detail in Table N. Finally, there is a section dealing with changes in the money supply.

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