Investment trusts and unit trusts - assets and transactions 1960-67

Quarterly Bulletin 1969 Q1
Published on 01 March 1969

Statistics of the assets held by investment trusts and unit trusts, and of the trusts' transactions, have been published in the Bulletin since 1961. The figures have been compiled by the Bank with the co-operation of the institutions concerned, for which the Bank are grateful. The work was undertaken as part of the extension of financial statistics recommended by the Radcliffe Committee; the figures of transactions are used in the construction of sector financing accounts, together with similar figures for other financial institutions which are collected by government departments.

Annual and quarterly statistics for the whole period 1960-67 are now collected together, for convenience, in the accompanying tables. Brief comments on the main differences between investment trusts and unit trusts appear below, followed by detailed notes on the statistics for each group of institutions.

PDFInvestment trusts and unit trusts - assets and transactions 1960-67

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