Purposes of banking statistics

Quarterly Bulletin 1981 Q3
Published on 01 September 1981

This paper is an updated and revised version of one which was originally prepared for the Statistics Users Conference in November 1977. It outlines the current system of UK banking statistics in the context of the variety of purposes for which these statistics are used.

This revised version was circulated in August 1981 to all present contributors to banking statistics as part of the background to the general review of banking statistics which is currently taking place. It was also sent to all those institutions which have hitherto not provided such statistics but which, consequent upon the creation of the new monetary sector (see 'Monetary control-provisions' on page 347), are to become contributors in due course.

The paper may be of interest to a wider audience, and in this context a further appendix (Appendix C) has been added which shows very briefly how the tables in the statistical annex to the Bulletin are built up from the information provided by the banks.

Certain changes to the system as described here are now in hand, as a result of the decision to collect statistics on retail deposits and to facilitate the operation of recent changes in monetary control arrangements.

PDFPurposes of banking statistics

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