Banking statistics review

Quarterly Bulletin 1992 Q3
Published on 01 September 1992

The Bank of England collects data from all institutions authorised under the Banking Act 1987, and from certain other institutions, which together comprise the UK banking sector. The aim is to collect the information, which is needed for a variety of purposes (mainly the conduct of prudential supervision, the compilation of monetary, banking and other financial aggregates, and as a contribution to the national accounts), as efficiently as possible. To ease checking and minimise duplication, the forms interrelate where they can and, to the extent possible, the data on them are used for different purposes.

Banking statistics are reviewed periodically to ensure that users' current needs are being met and that the burden on the banks is not unnecessarily onerous. This article describes the changes in banking statistics that have been agreed with the banks, largely through the British Bankers' Association, as a result of the latest review.

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