The international environment 1995 Q4

Quarterly Bulletin 1995 Q4
Published on 01 December 1995
  • Growth in the major six overseas economies slowed in the second quarter, in part because of stock adjustments. It slowed sharply in the United States; in Japan, growth in the second quarter was stronger than in the first, but the economy remained weak. In Europe, too, there was some evidence of a slowdown. Monthly data for the third quarter have been mixed.
  • Inflation fell in all the major economies between June and July, and fell further in the United States and Germany subsequently. Commodity prices continued to fall in the third quarter.
  • Official interest rates were cut in the United States, Japan, Germany and several other European countries during the third quarter. The dollar strengthened to a 14-month high against the yen. A further fiscal package to boost economic recovery was announced in Japan; contractionary budgets were announced in France and Italy.

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