Andreas Joseph

Research Economist - Advanced Analytics Division


Andreas obtained his PhD from City University of Hong Kong in 2014 analysing network structures of international trade and cross-border investment flows. His current research is dedicated to applying techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence to the analysis of large granular datasets with the goal to integrate those into frameworks for economic modelling and policy analysis. You can visit his page on Google Scholar.

Andreas' selected academic publications

Compendium on the diagnostic toolkit for competitiveness, with G Aiello, K Benkovskis, B Bluhm, E Bobeica, F Cavallini, S Christodoulopoulou, M De Clercq, C Giordano, P Karadeloglou, A Leonte, K Lommatzsch, P Lopez-Garcia, G Momchilov, C Osbat, L Orszaghova, F Pappadà, E Prades Illanes, M Silgoner, O Tkacevs, R Vermeulen, J and F Zollino, ECB, Occasional Paper Series (2015)
Interactions between financial and environmental networks in OECD countries, with F Ruzzenenti, E Ticci, P Vozzella and G Gabbi, PLOS One (2015)
Cross-border Portfolio Investment Networks and Indicators for Financial Crises, with S Joseph and G Chen, Nature Scientific Reports (2014)
Netconomics: Novel Forecasting Techniques from the Combination of Big Data, Network Science and Economics, with I Vodenska, E Stanley and G Chen, arXiv preprint arXiv:1403.0848 (2014)
Network Centrality and Key Economic Indicators: A Case Study, with G Chen, Springer International Publishing, Network Models in Economics and Finance (2014)
Composite centrality: A natural scale for complex evolving networks, with G Chen, PhysiPhysica D: Nonlinear Phenomena (2014)