Glenn Hoggarth

Senior Economist - International Directorate 


Glenn is currently senior economist in the Bank of England’s International Directorate. Previously, he worked in a number of divisions in the Bank’s financial and monetary stability areas as well as in its Centre for Central Banking Studies. He has been on several International Monetary Fund and bilateral Bank of England technical missions and Financial Stability Board peer reviews to other central banks, advising on financial and monetary policy issues. Before he joined the Bank of England, Glenn worked for a number of years as a private sector economist.

Glenn has a BA in economics from the University of Warwick and an MPhil in economics from Churchill College, Cambridge. He has had numerous articles on monetary and financial economics published.
Glenn’s current research interests are the international monetary and financial system, international capital flows, banking and sovereign crises and financial stability policies.

Glenn's Bank Underground Blog posts

Capital Inflows: The Good, the Bad and the Bubbly - February 2017

Glenn's selected academic publications

Banking crises and the design of safety nets - with E Nier and P Jackson; Journal of Banking and Finance (2005) 
Costs of banking instability: some empirical evidence - with R Reis and V Saporta; Journal of Banking and Finance (2002)  
Lender of last resort – what have we learnt since Bagehot? - with F Freixas, C Giannini and F Soussa; Journal of Financial Services Research (2000) 

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