Marko Melolinna

Senior Economist - Structural Economic Analysis Division


Marko joined the Bank in 2014 and works as economist in the Structural Economic Analysis Division. Before joining the Bank, Marko worked at the Bank of Finland and the European Central Bank. He holds a PhD in economics from the Helsinki School of Economics. Marko’s current research interests include empirical time series econometrics, business investment, productivity and other supply side issues of the UK economy.

Marko's selected academic publications

What has driven inflation dynamics in the Euro area, the United Kingdom and the United States - European Central Bank Working Paper No 1802 (2015)
What is the role of Emerging Asia in global oil prices? - BOFIT Discussion Papers (2014)
Macroeconomic shocks in an oil market VAR - European Central Bank Working Paper No 1432 (2012)
What explains risk premiums in crude oil futures? - OPEC Energy Review (2011)
Using Financial Markets Information to Identify Oil Supply Shocks in a Restricted VAR - Finnish Economic Papers (2011)