Rhiannon Sowerbutts

Senior Economist - Macroprudential Strategy and Support Division


Rhiannon is a Senior Economist in the Macroprudential Strategy and Support Division of the Bank of England. She received her PhD in Economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra. During her PhD she was an intern at the Bank of England and at the IMF. Her research interest include macroprudential policy, regulatory arbitrage, international banking flows, banking and banking crises. 

Rhiannon's Bank Underground blog posts

Have FSRs got news for you? - May 2019
Who benefits from the implicit subsidy to ‘too big to fail’ banks? - July 2015


Rhiannon's selected academic publications

Market Discipline, Public Disclosure and Financial Stability, with Peter Zimmerman, The Handbook of Post Financial Crisis Modelling (2016)

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