Richard Harrison

Senior Advisor - Monetary Analysis


Richard's main research interests are monetary economics and DSGE modelling.  His previous research includes analysis of asset purchase policies at the zero bound, methods for addressing misspecification in DSGE models and estimating the effects of forward guidance.

Richard's Bank Underground blog posts

Optimal quantitative easing - December 2017

The forward guidance paradox – June 2017

Hedging the zero bound with threshold-based forward guidance - November 2015

Richard's selected academic publications

Uncertain policy promises - European Economic Review (2019)
Threshold-based forward guidance - Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2018)
Estimating the effects of forward guidance in rational expectations models - European Economic Review (2015)
Practical tools for policy analysis in DSGE models with missing shocks - Journal of Applied Econometrics (2014)
Asset purchase policies and portfolio balance effects: a DSGE analysis, in Interest rates, prices and liquidity - Cambridge University Press (2011)
On the application and use of DSGE models - Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2008)
The danger of inflating expectation of macroeconomic stability: heuristic switching in a monetary overlapping generations model - International Journal of Central Banking (2008)
Forecasting with measurement errors in dynamic models - International Journal of Forecasting (2005)
Monetary policy rules for an open economy - Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2003)

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