External business of Monetary Financial Institutions operating in the UK - 2017 Q3

This statistical release covers all claims on and liabilities to other countries by UK-resident banks and building societies (monetary financial institutions).
Published on 01 December 2017
  • Adjusted for exchange rate movements, external liabilities rose by $17.5 billion during 2017 Q3. This increase was more than accounted for by Offshore Centres, mainly to the Cayman Islands. This was offset by a decrease in liabilities to Developed Countries, driven by a fall in liabilities to Germany and France.
  • Adjusted for exchange rate movements, external claims rose by $46.9 billion. The largest increase in claims was on Developed Countries, more than accounted for by the United States. This was partially offset by a decrease in claims on International Organisations and Other claims, unallocated by country.

PDF External business of monetary financial institutions operating in the UK - 2017 Q3

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Next release date: 2 March 2018

Additional detail

Selected series and a more detailed country and currency breakdown of the data are available in the following tables:

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