Money and Credit - June 2017

Our monthly Money and Credit statistical release is made up of three parts: broad money and credit, lending to individual and lending to businesses.
Published on 31 July 2017

Key points from the data to the end of June 2017 include:

Part one: Broad money and credit: aggregate, sectoral and industrial detail

  • Broad money increased by £9.0 billion in June (Table A). Within this, households' money increased by £5.8 billion following a particularly weak flow in May (Table B). Private non-financial corporations’ (PNFCs’) money increased by £4.7 billion, well above its recent average (Table C). In contrast, flows for non-intermediate other financial corporations (NIOFCs) were lower (Table D).
  • Sterling credit to these sectors increased by £5.2 billion in June (Table A). Within this, households' borrowing increased by £4.3 billion and PNFCs’ borrowing increased by £0.9 billion (Tables B-C).

Part two: Lending to individuals: lending secured on dwellings and consumer credit

  • Net secured lending ticked up to £4.1 billion in June, slightly above its recent average (Table H).
  • Approvals for house purchase were little changed in June at 64,684, around 4,000 lower than in January. Approvals for remortgaging ticked up to 44,548 in June, similar to numbers seen earlier in the year (Table I).
  • The flow of consumer credit fell slightly to £1.5 billion in June, and the annual growth rate ticked down to 10.0% (Table J).

Part three: Lending to businesses: net finance raised and loans to businesses, split by size of business

  • PNFCs borrowed £8.7 billion from UK MFIs and capital markets in June, with the largest contributions coming from loans and bond issuance (Table L).
  • Loans to large non-financial businesses increased by £0.6 billion in June (Table M), with a particularly large increase in the manufacturing sector (Table O). Loans to small and medium-sized enterprises increased by £0.4 billion, a little higher than the recent average (Table M).

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Next release date: 30 August 2017

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