Latest developments in the Bank’s money and credit statistics

A visual summary

Total money and credit growth (excluding intermediate OFCs)

Money and credit growth are important indicators of developments in the economy. The Bank's headline money and credit series (technically known as M4 and M4 Lending) include deposits from, and lending to, households, non-financial corporations (PNFCs) and non-intermediating financial companies.

Monthly money flows - contributions to total

Changes in the level of deposits held with banks and building societies, and lending to them, tend to be volatile on a monthly basis. Much of this volatility comes from the non-intermediating financial companies, with household and PNFC money and credit more stable.

Monthly credit flows - contributions to total

Composition of banks' assets

Many of banks' customers will use the money internationally, as well as in the UK, and therefore will want to borrow in foreign currencies. These charts show the relative importance for sterling and foreign currency (converted into sterling) lending for all banks, and UK banks.

Composition of banks' assets, by currency

Composition of UK banks' assets, by currency

This page was last updated 31 January 2023