Money and Credit - April 2018

Our monthly Money and Credit statistical release is made up of three parts: broad money and credit, lending to individual and lending to businesses.
Published on 31 May 2018

Key points from the data to the end of April 2018 include:

Part one: Broad money and credit

  • Broad money increased by £0.5 billion in April (Table A). Within this, the flow of households' M4 was -£3.1 billion (Table B), the lowest monthly flow for at least 20 years. The flow of private non-financial corporations' (PNFCs') M4 was £5.5 billion (Table C).
  • The net flow of sterling credit was -£5.3 billion in April (Table A). Within this, the flow for households increased to £4.3 billion (Table B).b

Part two: Lending to individuals

  • Net lending for consumer credit was £1.8 billion in April, up from £0.4 billion in March (Table J). Within this, net lending on credit cards was £0.6 billion and net lending for other loans and advances was £1.3 billion (Table K).
  • The 12-month growth rate of consumer credit was 8.8% in April, compared to 8.6% in March (Table J).
  • The number of house purchase approvals were broadly unchanged at 62,455 in April, as were the number of remortgaging approvals at 46,189 (Table I).

Part three: Lending to businesses

  • Lending to non-financial businesses fell by £2.8 billion in April (Table M), following a large increase in March. These flows were both driven by large businesses in the 'public administration and defence' industry (Table O).

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