Statistical Notice 2017/08

Statistical Notices update the definitions and guidance contained in the Banking Statistics Yellow Folder.
Published on 29 September 2017
  1. Statistical reporting seminar (replies by 13th October)
    We will be running a half day (afternoon) statistical reporting seminar on Tuesday 31st October. The seminar is primarily aimed at staff new to Bank of England reporting as it will provide an overview of how and why we collect the data; as well as what we do with it. The planned running order for the afternoon is:

    Sterling Money Market (SMM)
    An overview of the SMMD, SMMH and SMMA (optional 30 minute session before the seminar starts)
    Core forms
    Data processing (CRDs, Data Reception, Statistical Notices and OSCA)
    BT and associated forms PB, GT and BN
    PL and BG
    Data checking

    Commonly reported forms
    AD, AL and LN
    CA, CC, CL, C1 and CE

    Specialist forms
    CX, FI, FO, WO, IC, IO, IS, BTL, and ER

    Overview of Regulatory Data Reporting
    The seminar will be held in the Conference Centre here at the Bank. Please email Data Reception ( indicating which session(s) you would like to attend. Please also provide details of specific areas that are of interest to you, so that we can make the sessions as focused as possible. Places are free and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The closing date for replies is Friday 13th October 2017. Directions and a timetable for the event will be sent out during the week following the closing date.
  2. Green Notice (nil return)

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