Statistical Notice 2017/10

Statistical Notices update the definitions and guidance contained in the Banking Statistics Yellow Folder.
Published on 06 December 2017
  1. IC / IO Version 3 Schema Documentation
    The schema documentation for IC and IO forms version 3 (effective from April 2018) have been published on the Data Collection – ‘New and Upcoming’ page, which also includes an updated list of form validations to include full box codes. The OSCA Specification has also been updated to reflect the new form versions.
  2. OSCA Quick Start Guides
    Previously, there was an OSCA Quick Start Guide and six tutorials on the website. These have been reviewed and replaced by one OSCA Tutorial to provide short overviews on Start-Up, Reporting Schedule, Uploading Forms, Cross Validations, User Accounts and System Issues. These should work alongside the OSCA Specification to act as a refresher on key information. Both documents can be found on the ‘How to submit data’ page of the internet.
  3. Green Notice (nil return)

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