Statistical Notice 2018/06

Statistical Notices update the definitions and guidance contained in the Banking Statistics Yellow Folder.
Published on 31 May 2018

1. Annual Statistical Reporting Briefing Seminar Content Now Available All Year Round

We have recently launched new statistical reporting material available on the Forms, Definitions and Validations page. Within the section for each form you will shortly be able to access a presentation pack. These are standardised presentations detailing key information about each statistical reporting form. The material provides the regular training content we deliver at our annual Statistical Reporters Briefing Seminar in a more accessible form. It means this training material can be accessed by your institution all year round and will enable new staff to see this information as and when they need it. This is a more efficient method of delivery and means new staff will no longer need to wait for this information until the autumn. We hope you find this regular access helpful.

To use the presentation’s full functionality please open up the Powerpoint file and display in Slideshow mode. This enables interaction within the presentation.

Should you have any feedback or comment to make on these materials please contact us by email using the ‘data queries’ email address relevant to the form you are looking at and mark in the email title "Presentation feedback for Form [form name]".

2. OSCA Specification Update – May 2018

A new version of the OSCA specification has been published on the Data Collection page, which includes the addition of a privacy notice to explain how we handle your personal data.

3. Green Notice (nil return)

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