Stress testing the UK banking system: 2018 results

We have announced the results of our 2018 stress test of the UK banking system.
Published on 28 November 2018

The results of the Bank of England’s 2018 stress test show the UK banking system is resilient to deep simultaneous recessions in the UK and global economies that are more severe overall than the global financial crisis and that are combined with large falls in asset prices and a separate stress of misconduct costs.

Despite facing loss rates consistent with the global financial crisis, the major UK banks’ aggregate CET1 capital ratio after the stress would still be twice its level before the crisis.  All participating banks remain above their risk-weighted CET1 capital and Tier 1 leverage hurdle rates and would be able to continue to meet credit demand from the real economy, even in this very severe stress.

PDFStress testing the UK banking system: 2018 results

PDFBank-specific results

PDFEffectiveness of stress‑testing model risk management

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