Agent, South East and East Anglia


Kieran became Agent for the South East and East Anglia in 2023. Prior to joining the Bank’s Agency network, Kieran was, for many years, a senior economist within the Bank’s Monetary Analysis area, working on the Bank’s UK forecast and monetary strategy teams. Kieran joined the Bank in 2011, starting out in its Financial Stability area, working on the design of the Bank’s concurrent stress test of the UK banking system, and issues concerning the UK banking sector more generally.

Kieran studied Economics at SOAS and Birkbeck, both part of the University of London. He began his career with a brief stint at the Department for Transport. Outside of work, Kieran enjoys watching football and his main hobbies are cycling, hiking and rock climbing.


Agency for South East and East Anglia

Bank of England
Threadneedle Street 

Tel: +44(0)20 3461 3954

This page was last updated 30 May 2023