Banks' overseas earnings from financial services

Quarterly Bulletin 1987 Q3
Published on 01 September 1987

The Bank has recently completed an inquiry of some 500 banks to establish the amount of their overseas earnings from fee and commission income, and from foreign exchange dealing in 1986; the last such inquiry was in respect of 1983. This information is used for balance of payments purposes, forming part of invisible earnings in the current account. The banks were asked to report receipts net of payments, covering net profit/loss from foreign exchange dealing, fees in respect of new issues of securities, fees in respect of portfolio management and security transactions, and miscellaneous earnings covering such items as commitment fees on euronote facilities, commission and fees on credit and bill transactions, income arising from futures and options trading and bank charges. The Bank is grateful for the co-operation and help received from the banks.

PDFBanks' overseas earnings from financial services

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